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Our Mission


The mission of the Hispanic Human Resources Council, Inc. is to strengthen and empower families by providing quality social and educational services that promote healthy, thriving communities..

The Hispanic Human Resources Council, Inc. is a non-profit community based organization in Palm Springs, Fla. Since its establishment in 1977, HHRC has addressed the social needs of the community and has continually spread cultural awareness among its community members primarily through its two preschool development centers.


Who HHRC Helps

HHRC provides child care to 300+ students and families at its two preschool locations for low income, disadvantaged families, and children at risk. Students are enrolled as participants in Head Start and must meet the economic qualifications associated with the program. At least 10 percent of HHRC’s students have a disability related to development or speech.


Started as a Need

A social worker from Miami, Luciano Martinez, set out to connect the Hispanic community to the American people.  In the mid 70's, when a bad case of the flu broke out, the Florida Health Department contacted Martinez to serve as a communicator to the Hispanic people to spread news about getting a flu shot. Through his efforts, he realized the need for child care in the community. In that same year, Martinez created a classroom on Georgia Avenue in West Palm Beach for children to learn and grow. As the class size grew he decided to expand and establish a pre-school. HHRC continues to grow and educate children.


World-Class Pre-School Program

Although Luciano Martinez passed away in 2003, his legacy lives on through HHRC’s world-class preschool program for children ages 1 to 4 years who come from low-income, disadvantaged families. Teachers and administration prepare students for kindergarten and focus on reading readiness. To date, 150 students graduate each year from the program.



New Pines Child Development Center

1427 S. Congress Ave., Palm Springs, FL 33406


The Luciano Martinez Child Development Center

1351 S. Congress Ave., Palm Springs, FL, 33406


Sponsorship and Involvement

HHRC prides itself on being a “friend-raiser.” Through its efforts to spread awareness within the community, HHRC has received sponsorship and donations from organizations including Florida Crystals, Wells Fargo and Florida Power & Light. In addition to sponsorship, HHRC welcomes volunteers from all around the community and encourages companies and organizations to get involved in its “Adopt-A-Class” program. The Adopt-A-Class program allows organizations and schools to interact with HHRC students by volunteering in the classroom and fulfilling the class’ wish list.  In the past, Wellington High School’s Key Club, The Benjamin School, Dreyfoos School of the Arts, Ed Morse Honda and the South Florida Fair have been participants.



HHRC receives funding from the federal government through its Head Start program. The state also supplies HHRC with funds through its Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten program along with other grants and donations. The Children’s Fund, established in 1988, continues to be one of HHRC’s most promising projects. As government funding is diminishing, the Children’s Fund serves as another way HHRC receives the proper support for its two preschool development centers.


Head Start and Voluntary Prekindergarten Education Program

HHRC is proud to be a part of the Head Start federal program, which provides assistance in health, social services and nutrition for children and their families. To collaborate with Head Start’s values, HHRC offers monthly parent meetings to each family. In addition, HHRC is supported by VPK, which provides free schooling to 4 year olds and focuses on reading, math, language and social skills.



Faculty and staff members of HHRC have received awards including the Child Advocate of the Year from the Children’s Fund, Distinguished Service Award from the Deaf Service Center, One Child at a Time Award from the American Association of University Women. In addition, HHRC is accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children.


Additional Programs

In addition to its two preschool locations, HHRC partners with many organizations in the community including the Palm Beach County School Board, Urban League, Children Services Council and the Early Learning Coalition. HHRC has also received grants to reach the Hispanic community from the Diabetes Association and Hospice of Bethesda by the Sea. In 2007, the organization collaborated with the Palm Beach County School Board to create the Hispanic Teacher of the Year Award and is currently working with the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce to continue this program.

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